Linguagloss was established in 2014 to offer a range of 21st century solutions relating to translation and interpreting in order to make the translation process quicker, more economical and provide the quality required for any particular type of content.


Many small and medium-sized companies are selling to customers around the world – and many more would like to but believe this would be complicated and/or expensive. We simplify the process of selling globally and lower the cost by enabling companies to interact with customers in their preferred language, e.g. via instant messaging, conference calls and social media.

We also facilitate market entry to such countries as Germany and China via our consulting services.

Gill Searl - CEO of Linguagloss

Language Service Industry

The language services industry is undergoing rapid change due to the advances in technology and the increase in demand for multilingual content arising from global business. As the volumes requiring translation and the variety of language combinations increase, the pressures on quality, price and turnaround time have never been greater.

Although the long-established workflow using human translators has benefited greatly from computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, recent improvements in machine translation (MT) mean that combining these two technologies has become a feasible solution for some types of content – but only when the output is edited by trained linguists (called post-editors).

We actively embrace and exploit the opportunities offered by new technologies, such as CAT tools and machine
translation, in order to lower your costs, speed up turnaround times and provide a level of quality that will delight both you and your clients.

Linguagloss has over 600 freelance linguists with a variety of language combinations, experience, technical expertise and specialisms, so that we can carefully match the right linguist to your project’s requirements.

Gill Searl - CEO of Linguagloss

CEO & founder

Linguagloss was founded by Gillian Searl, whose experience in the language services industry covers 15 years as a successful freelance translator. This includes keeping up-to-date with the rapid changes to CAT tools and recent improvements in statistical machine translation (SMT). Her business expertise and skills were updated by completing the high-ranking Executive MBA at Cranfield University, UK, and this combination of practical and academic experience ensures that your project will be completed on time, on budget and right first time.

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