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Post-editing Machine Translation

The use of machine translation is rising across the industry due the recent advances in the technology used and the massive amounts of money spent by large IT corporations. The marketing budgets of these big companies enable their breakthroughs to become known around the world. Generic machine translation (such as Google Translate) has reached a maturity level in some language combinations and for some purposes that enables it to be used – at least for understanding the gist of content written in another language.

However, the most effective use of machine translation is still by developing, training and post-editing highly customised engines for specific domains, such as financial services, software user guides or travel sites. We have developed our own highly customised German-English machine translation engine for financial reports.

We are a niche language service provider in the machine translation post-editing industry that specialises in finding, training and supplying freelance post-editors. We have built up contacts with over 600 linguists who have many language combinations and the comprehensive screening and training that we provide means that they are ready, willing and able to undertake post-editing projects using a variety of tools (e.g. Trados Studio, MemoQ). We will find, train and provide the right freelance post-editors so that you can benefit from using machine translation in your workflows.

Custom Machine Translation Engines

We develop, update and revise specialist engines for your highly customised content and language combinations using leading, experienced and global partners. Our contacts and experience in this innovative and high-tech area means we are also able to advise on workflows that will generate a return on your investment in machine translation engines.

Contact us to learn more about how to implement machine translation into your workflows in order to reduce costs and turnaround times whilst maintaining quality.

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